The 6 Essential Virtual Assistant Software Tools in 2021

No one said that being a successful business owner was easy. There are always too many tasks and not enough time to do all of them, but you can’t just add more hours in the day. The solution is simple: find an effective way of multiplying your effort…it might be time to bring a Virtual Assistant (VA) on board. Virtual Assistants come with numerous benefits; they don’t have to take up space at work or cost as much money as a direct employee. However, finding the right VA software will make all of these benefits shine through even brighter, because with quality tailored tools like time keeping, accounting and communication to name just a few, it makes running your business and working with a VA much smoother, streamlined and more efficient.

The right software can:

  • Help accomplish work tasks more efficiently
  • Automate repetitive work
  • Track your assistant’s work time and activity
  • Organize communication
  • Save you time

In this article, we recommend 6 software tools to help you get the most out of your Virtual Assistant.

Communication – SLACK

We know that communicating with your virtual assistant is essential. Fortunately, there are programs like Slack to help! It is a team communication tool used by more than 750,000 businesses and it replaces email communication, so you don’t have any of the time wasting associated with emails ever again. Slack is a useful tool for delegating tasks to your virtual assistant and keeping track of what they are up to. You can assign them specific channels in Slack where you collaborate on different tasks or projects, or you can utilize the Direct Messaging tool for general communication.

Video Conferencing – ZOOM

Video conferencing is a great way to manage more complex conversations with your virtual assistant. With video chat being so popular since the pandemic closed offices all over, virtual meetings suits both parties’ needs when trying to talk about anything from work projects and scheduling client meetings, or just wanting to discuss anything lengthy or emergent. Zoom is the world’s most widely used video conferencing platform. It has exploded in popularity because it allows people to connect face-to-face. Zoom provides a number of products that include group chat, virtual conference rooms for meeting with multiple people, high-definition audio and video recording capabilities so you can be sure everyone is on point; transcripts which allow every word to become searchable later. There are also screen sharing features for presentations where someone speaks while others follow along online.

Accounting and Bookeeping – XERO

Accounting and bookeeping is a necessary part of running any business that needs to keep track of money. Making the task more manageable, an excellent accounting software tool is needed. Once set up, it will be easy for you or your Virtual Assistant to take care of all accounting tasks. Xero is the go-to solution for small businesses who need a comprehensive accounting system. With features like reconciling bank transactions, invoicing clients and vendors, paying bills in real time with online banking integrations from your bank of choice; as well as expense reports to show expenses incurred throughout the month – Xero has it all! Xero’s account reconciliation tool allows users to import accounts at any given moment automatically or manually; then categorizing them appropriately within its robust software suite.

Timekeeping – TOGGL

If you pay your virtual assistant an hourly rate, they will need some time tracking tools to accurately calculate their hours. A good tool can also help you see how and when that time was used and having timely records will give valuable information on which tasks are most effective. Toggl is a popular cloud-based time tracking app that makes it easy to track your time spent on tasks, right down to the minute. It has integrations for Chrome, Mozilla iPhone, Desktop and Android, which make managing projects from different devices super simple. The Toggl apps sync together in real time so you can manage all of your data seamlessly–no need to switch back and forth between tabs.

Appointment Scheduling – ACUITY

Virtual Assistants handle scheduling, but they don’t do it in a paper planner. Try Acuity Scheduling; an appointment scheduler that helps you balance between personal and professional time with its easy-to-use tools…used by 50,000 businesses all over the world. Through this handy software, bookings are a breeze. The program’s calendar coordination features allow you to see your real-time availability and makes booking appointments much simpler as well – no more missing out on appointment requests! Furthermore, the system notifies you when clients make an appointment so that if anything comes up unexpectedly, they can still schedule with you without leaving your social media account or website. Acuity Scheduling integrates seamlessly with a number of third-party apps. You can also add appointments to personal calendars like Google Calendar, iCloud, Outlook and Office 365.

Passwords – LASTPASS

If you want to give your Virtual Assistant access to all of the accounts that they need, but don’t want them knowing your actual login information, a good solution would be a password manager. These are designed so that each login is shared while keeping your actual passwords concealed. LastPass saves all your passwords across different devices, so you are never going to forget a password again. It also allows for the sharing of passwords with others in an easy and secure way. All data is encrypted. Install LastPass as a browser extension to automatically fill usernames and passwords when visiting websites that are common among those used by yourself or other people who need to have access.

There are plenty of virtual assistant tools out there, and with so many different options it can be hard to figure out which one is the best fit for your business. We hope this list of 6 essential Virtual Assistant software programs help you, your business and working with your VA in 2021 and beyond.

Onwards and upwards!

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