Prioritizing Your Workload as an Entrepreneur

For most people, running a business is never easy. There are always many hats and roles to fill to keep operations running smoothly. The company task list is never-ending, and the work hours can be long. Sometimes it can all become so overwhelming, and as business owners, that is often when our own worst enemy can strike…and that enemy is procrastination.

Procrastination is not about being lazy, it is actually rooted in our biology. There is a constant conflict within our brain between our limbic system, (pleasure seeking part of the brain), and the prefrontal cortex, (planning, calculating and personality part of the brain), when we have to deal with tasks we do not want to deal with.

As a busy entrepreneur, there could be many areas of business operations and management that you have been handling yourself, but many of these needed tasks probably don’t feel as worthwhile doing as others. Perhaps administrative tasks do not interest you, or your digital marketing needs are too overwhelming. Your brain knows that all these mundane tasks are important in business, but also tells you “I’ll do that later,” because you do not enjoy these tasks, ergo: procrastination. Ultimately, a lot of the time these necessary tasks go undone again and again, until you are buried in work that may seem impossible to climb out of.

Have you experienced this? Believe me, you are certainly not alone! The following are a couple of suggestions we here at Vanguard Virtual Solutions think might be helpful to you:

Prioritize your workload.

Yes, all things in business are important in keeping everything running smooth and cohesively. However, if you give yourself too many priorities for the day, it will become quickly overwhelming and it is unlikely you will be able to complete everything on your daily list. As the leader of your organization, there are certain items in the business that you must handle on a daily basis. Pick the tasks that are the most time-sensitive and what level of impact it has on your business. Complete these tasks in the order of highest priority down to least. Split each set of tasks by level of importance into separate daily lists. Balancing your to-do list into more easily manageable lists each day (by level of importance) will make your workload seem less overwhelming, and quicker and easier to start and complete.

Hire a Virtual Assistant.

Often times, even with the best organizational and time management skills, the demands of your growing business can put too much on your plate, it becomes too much to handle, and the quality of your work starts to suffer. What many business owners have been discovering is the value of bringing on board a Virtual Assistant to help with the various business activities that need to be handled. From the boring mundane tasks to the more complex projects, a seasoned Virtual Assistant can help keep your business on track, be your trusted right-hand, and relieve you of stress. A Virtual Assistant is an easy and cost-effective solution for making your business workload more manageable, streamline your business and increase your bottom line.

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