Why Quality Video Editing is More Important Than Ever

Digital marketing is a highly effective way to build your brand, get you noticed and reach your target audience. Video content marketing is when video content is produced to further elevate brand awareness online. When produced and edited well, video content can be a powerful way for a brand to spread its message in a way that is easily accessible to a large audience.

  • Videos are a fantastic way to explain your service or product
  • Videos have a good  return on investment


The return on investment you get from your video will depend on several things, including how well you have organized your content and the quality of the video editing. Video content is a useful tool when it comes to helping potential buyers learn about your business and what you are selling. Potential customers will only buy into your service or product when they understand what it does and how it will benefit them.  Video content is an excellent tool for this because people love video and the visual element helps businesses clearly define who they are and what they do.

  • People watch over a billion hours of YouTube content every single day.
  • There are 2 billion video views on Twitter every day. Tweets with video get 10 times more engagement than those without.
  • Facebook has over 8 billion video views a day.


If you aren’t creating video, you risk missing out on one of the most popular ways that people consume what you are trying to sell. Videos are also great for SEO! While shooting a quick video might not sound difficult, it’s important not to underestimate the power of good digital video editing. Editing does more than cut that extra space or add in a fade-out at the end. Color control, audio control, animation, intros and outros, graphics…it is ESSENTIAL to create professional videos! 

4 Benefits of Outstanding Video Editing for Your Digital Marketing Efforts

1. Captures Attention

Our ability to recall information is significantly higher when we’ve learned through visuals compared to text. Your videos must capture attention within the first 10 seconds or the viewer, your potential customer, will move on to the next thing that catches their eye. Great video editing will help you get your videos looking professional and high quality so you don’t  immediately lose your consumers’ attention in those precious first seconds. 

2. Sends a Clear Message

Editing footage is difficult. Without good video editing, your message might get lost in long pauses, rambling speech, and clumsy transitions. 

3. Boosts Your Authority

Video marketing allows you to show your expertise and business in another medium. Not only does this help spread your message and branding further, but it looks more professional than text alone.

Poor-quality videos have the opposite effect though, and again, good, creative video editing is vital.  

4. Keeps Your Business Current

Businesses have been using video marketing for many years and with YouTube’s and social media’s explosion into video content, this medium has taken off once again. Well-edited marketing videos allow your business to appear on the world’s most popular social search engines, right where people are looking. 

The trend of video marketing isn’t going anywhere, it’s here to stay. There are many reasons why users might prefer to watch a video rather than just read text. By offering both formats you will capture more interest and will engage more people. Poorly edited or unedited videos will have a negative effect on your business. By hiring professional video editing services, like us here at Vanguard Virtual Solutions, the end result will be producing snappy, quality marketing videos that convert. 

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